Support our earth-friendly beachwear

Each year 22 billion plastic bottles end up in our oceans, harming sea life and polluting our beautiful beaches, so being sustainable makes sense to us. Our environment as we know it depends on us working collectively with each other and nature to protect it so that we can enjoy our beautiful earth for generations to come.



Offering eco-minded men's beachwear with less impact on the environment so we can all have a better tomorrow.
On average, only 5% of plastic waste is recycled! The rest will find its way into our landfills and into the ocean. As a result, over 1 million marine life are killed annually from plastic in our oceans.


Recycled Fabrics

We use an eco-friendly fabric made of post-consumer recycled materials, including plastic bottles and fishing nets. We aim to offer a sustainable approach to fashion that not only looks great but also helps to give a second use to single-use plastics.

We're more than just stylish beachwear. It's a lifestyle that represents our commitment to a sustainable future.